Sleep & Mood Disorders

We can compound many common sleep medications into capsule or liquid formulations. Sleep and mood disorders are something that many people suffer with either chronically or periodically in their lives. The typical prescription treatment options like benzodiazepines have a place in therapy and are reasonably effective, however, they do have issues with dependency and side …

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Dosage Forms

Our lab has the equipment and expertise to make the following dosage forms: Capsules Creams Ear Drops Elixirs Gels Lotions Ointments Paints Pastes Powders Shampoos Solutions Suspensions Suppositories

Out of Stock Medicine

Is your regular medication out of stock? When this occurs, we may be able to order the raw ingredients to custom make your medication. We source our raw ingredients from TGA-registered facilties that do their own quality assurance testing in Australia. This ensures the safety, purity and potency of our ingredients used in our compounding.


We compound various therapies to support thyroid function, they are all available in capsule form. Hypothyroidism is the most common condition that affects the thyroid gland and has a range of treatment options. In response to thyroid stimulating hormone, the thyroid gland produces thyroxin (T4) and tri-iodothyronine (T3) which circulate in the blood. Treatment options …

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Custom Request

What is compounding? During training, a Pharmacist learns not only about how medicines work but also optimising how to get them into your body. This process involves developing a dosage form that will both deliver an accurate dose of a medication but also ensure the body readily absorbs it from the site chosen to administer. …

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Nutraceuticals are often prescribed by Integrative Medicine Practitioners, who look at patients comprehensively to combine western medicine with evidence-based complementary medicine. We can custom make capsules to have precise doses and combinations of complementary supplements and medicines.


Pets need medication too! But often there isn’t a commercially available product for them. We offer an extensive range of animal-specific formulations for different conditions.

Dermatology & Cosmetic

With our specialised equipment for dermatology compounding, we can offer an extensive range of products not available on the market. We have many different dosing devices to ensure ease of use and can allow you to choose your preferred option. Some of the common conditions we have compounded items for include: Depigmenting Agents (Creams, Ointments, …

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Infant & Young Children

We have an extensive offering to support Children who need specialised medication, intolerances and swallowing difficulties. We can make liquids/suspensions in different flavours to treat acid reflux, sleep disturbances, Infantile Hemangioma and many more conditions.