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What is compounding?

During training, a Pharmacist learns not only about how medicines work but also optimising how to get them into your body. This process involves developing a dosage form that will both deliver an accurate dose of a medication but also ensure the body readily absorbs it from the site chosen to administer. Compounding involves the Pharmacist using this experience to custom make medication that is typically not available on the Australian market. We have a dedicated compounding pharmacist and access to multiple formulation databases to design a custom product for you.

Using high quality equipment and our extensive knowledge of dosage form design, we can source the ingredients and make a medication that meets your specific needs. Our on-site lab is a fully enclosed room specifically designed for compounding, with specialised equipment including a powder containment hood, capsule machine, electric mortar and pestle and much more.

Where possible, we only order raw ingredients from TGA-registered facilities that provide their own certificates of analysis. This means all active pharmaceutical ingredients and excipients arrive from overseas and they independently test the powder themselves for purity, potency and safety. We have full quality assurance systems in place with Standard Operating Procedures to ensure consistency, safety and quality.