Sleep & Mood Disorders

We can compound many common sleep medications into capsule or liquid formulations. Sleep and mood disorders are something that many people suffer with either chronically or periodically in their lives. The typical prescription treatment options like benzodiazepines have a place in therapy and are reasonably effective, however, they do have issues with dependency and side effects like excessive/residual drowsiness.

Melatonin is a hormone in the brain that controls wakefulness and the bodies day/night perception. Giving Melatonin 1-2 hours before bed can help restore the natural sleep rhythm of patients, with the idea being to take it regularly for 2-3 weeks for optimal results. Melatonin can also be effective for children taking medication for Attention Deficit Disorder who often struggle to sleep as the medications are a form of stimulant. We can compound various liquid and capsule options for sleep, with slow release or instant release options available also.