Medicinal Cannabis

The Australian regulations for medicinal cannabis still classify it as an unregistered medicine and require a Special Access Scheme (SAS) approval to be granted from the TGA. Medicinal cannabis approvals are granted for specific conditions that have shown some efficacy in clinical studies which may include Epilepsy, Chronic Pain, Anxiety and Depression.

We have extensive experience in the ordering process for supplying these products from the major wholesalers in Australia. The first step in the process is to have a discussion with your doctor about the suitability of CBD for you. The doctor will then submit a SAS form with the TGA to be assessed.

If you have a prescription for CBD and have a valid TGA approval, please see the below options for ordering: Use our online script submission.

Email us at and be sure to include contact details.

Orders can only be placed once the SAS paperwork is received, however, this is normally valid for the life of the script including repeats. Once ordered, the standard delivery time for most items is 24-48 hours subject to availability. If you have any further questions, feel free to email us or call on 07 3263 1133.